Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Tips for baking macaron

I decided to share this since it is kinda frusrated to find the right article about getting the right setting to get 'leg' for macaron. Beside meringue that you need to make sure it is successfully made.. above image was talking about the tricky part to bake macaron too. After piping of macaron you have to make sure the shell is dry and hard, if is soft it will be burst during baking time. If it overheat during drying it will be burst EVEN before you bake it. Oh ya! please touch gently else it will break too :) It seem too fragile and 'leceh' ... but if you do get the right touch, it is easy tho! Above image I do mentioned about "right oven temperature" It is various temperature use by individual who bake macaron it is oven dependant, air circulation and heater element. Sorry if this is sounded like an engineering :D I use to work/deal with 10 zone oven with temperature as high as > 300deg C!! therefore doing epxeriment for baking macaron best jugak!! Boleh buat optimization work even at home hahahhaha. Back to macaron, normally we use 150deg C again please adjust accordingly ya. Once you place the tray into the oven, ~3 mins you will see your shell is push up by macaron 'leg'. If this is what you can see, then WELL DONE!! you made it! YAY~~

Petite packaging for door gift and macaron lollipop!

Macaron can be arrange in this presentation as well... Cantik tak? 

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Arrangement in a grande box and small box!

susah la jugak nak arrange dalam big box tu... to make sure customer dapat macaron still cantik... small box no problem pasal ada partition :D senang keje! Cuma still searching nice clear big box can fit 16 pcs macarons. I do enjoy decoration but keep it simple and nice not too serabut ok!

Orders made through weekend....

Phewwww~~ a these few weekend bake for orders from friend who loveee to eat macaron but trying to get less sugar... Here you GO!! Hope you do enjoy it! Adibah and frenssss, Elainee, Kak Da, Su Ann, Jessie, Saravanan, Zatil, Nuha, Aida, Kellie... erk!! tak ingat sapa nama lagik ALAMAK!!! But then many of them order the small box and next come back said "Ala, Azah tak cukup la..... :D"

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Mad about macarons?

LESS people always experienced with sweeeeeeet macaron :D Here I decided to do less sugar macaron so you'll enjoy the taste of various flavour not ONLY eating sugar! I am offering macarons with nice packaging with reasonable price as below:

1 small box, 6 pcs= RM12
1 grande box,16 pieces = RM30.
* Assorted flavors, let me know if you do not wish to have any of below flavour, else upon order I will pick available flavour. 

Shell color / Filling
White / Chocolate Ganache
Orange / Orange Chocolate
Pink / Raspberry with chewy cranberries 
Black / Coffee with dark chocolate
Blue / Caramel
Green/ White choclate with Pistachio
Green / Chocolate mint (coming soon hurmmm seem like difficult to get the mint )

For orders , please contact
I ONLY will bake during weekend... so please made an order at least during weekday... thanks ya!!
But whoever crave, of course I do keep a few box of stock- just in case.

Within PJ or Shah Alam.... we can arrange the delivery, please contact me so that we can meet somewhere prefer at Giant Kelana Jaya PJ or Petronas Bukit Jelutong.
Outside KL/ Selangor we can use Mr. Postman service (additional cost):

1 small box: RM5.00
1 grande box: RM10:00

1 small box: RM7.00
1 grande box: RM12:00

Maybank: 512352056535 Nurazah Ahmad
Kindly add an email: through payment made.