Sunday, 29 April 2012

Enggagement Macarons with Poeny white gumpaste flower

This is requested from Naza- my neighbour. Special request for cousin enggagement :) D & S I guess is the first letter of the lucky one name..

Yellow mac: choclate ganache filling
Maroon mac: Peanut butter ring caramel at the center
**How to get this maroon color on macs.. I am using AmericaColor Gel using combination on Maroon, Electric Purple and Super Red. 

Peony flower made from gumpaste and silver dust- ALL YOU CAN EAT except the leaf...
Anchor was made from gumpaste with gold dust-ALL YOU CAN EAT ....

 Congrats from me to D&S
 Thanks! Naza

Happy Birthday Sayang!- Macaron from Ais

Seem like many of frens that I know celebrating birthday same month same as me... well is this co-incident? BTW.. this macarons order from officemate, her nick name is Ais for her hubby. She wanted something simple yet can surprise her hubby.

You know what, while I am decorating this macarons with alphabet.. my son asking me as below..

Son: Ma, this is for who?
Mom: For my fren?
Son: Ya la, aunty 'what'?- mean he want to know what is her name.
Mom: Aunty Ais
Son: Why her name Ais (Ice).. u mean ice just like in fridge?
Mom: Yes, why?
Son: What is her full name?
Mom: Noraisma
Son: You shall call her either Nor, Nora or Ima rather than Ais (Ice)....
Mon: *Deng* Speechless* Nape la anak aku nie byk soal la pulak!!!!
My son just like other typical children who will ask tooooooooooooooooooooo many 'Why' question.

Anyway, hope Ais and hubby have a good day celebrating birthday together..
Thanks dear!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Get Well Soon Macs

Thank you for continous trust kak Hajar!! Hope your fren/ relative who received this will be Get Well Soon! Take care!

Choc cake + 10 grande macarons!!!!

Safura order last minutes!!!! Luckily i know you dear else.. sorry ye :) I cannot commit and pick last minutes order. BTW this is order to cater for her daughter birthday and their cousin. Guess what when i deliver this cake and chat with Saf at kitchen her daughter keep linger around us a few time and peeping the cake.... after a few time of peeping she whisper to her mom 'Mama, aunty made a wrong spelling, missing 'H''. OH MY GOD!! I am sooooooooooooooooo sorry darling Zara next time aunty will not do this kind of mistake ye!

Saf is Arman's mother- Aiman fren at piano class. Her sister Zara went to the same music school too.
Initally with this cake Saf ordered 2 grande macs... after she gave to all relative, she ordered another 8 grande!!!! Thank you soo much!! As they said 'you macs is hit laa' not that sweet and tasty *blink*

First RV sold!

Received an sms from Nadia- x teamate...such lovely sis and guess what I admire her, she still young and have her own business at GM Klang! She is a supply for ladies clothes.. keep it up Sis! I am sooooo proud of you.

Eventually she wanted to order pavlova as she never tasted before... and she start to probe me more question.. Pav sweet? I said of course sweet dear, and start to describe the texture and taste of pav, end up she changed her mind by asking me to bake RV for her lovely darl...I hope you do enjoy this RV Nad! Last not least sample of macarons to her ;) "Your macaron just not enuf!!!'-from Nad! Teeeheeee :)

Thanks to Zatil, good fren of mine as a baker - Just do it!! Kak Azah.
I refuse to take any cake order eventually coz work commitment really killing me. If I can't commit you can order from her :) she is full time baker.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

No DSLR, no laptop, NO UPDATE!

I will update soon the photos and new update soon. My DLSR was with my fren coz he is travelling to Spain ;) please get me a nice pic for wallpaper plsssss!! So whatever snap last week was use my normal digi cam was from 'zaman tok kaduk'- agessss where only 5Mpixel! Tat was my first digicam and bought from HK. The best part bought tat camera 1 hour before left hotel to airport. Bought from Fortress- fames electronic good franchise from HK. 

Laptop- that use to use to edit photos and do all my work, monitor black out!! Uwaaaaa!! My netbook not a preference to do all of these, iPad- totally no no too.... work lappy?? - oh no!! cannot upload many apps that I wish to edit my photos! So... will upload one shot! soon ya! Sob sob sob ....