Saturday, 25 February 2012

Good Luck- with new career

I just simply like this box!! I hope you do too amoi ;) This was requested to be as a farewell gift to officemate on her last day in organization... All the best to you from me too. 

Orange: Orange choclate
Blue with poppy seed: Blueberry 
Black: Peanut butter + caramel
Green: Green Tea + red bean filling

Happy Birthday Macaron- to fiz@h

Happy Birthday Fizah! from your sis Dila! Such lovely sis... Fizah enjoy your 29th birthday and this gonna be the last year of your sweet 20th ;) when it turn to 30ssss cam tak best la plak hehehhee.

Anyway stay cun and gojes!

Blue with poppy seed: Blueberry with chewy blueberry
Pink: Rasberry with chewy blueberry
White cheetah: Choclate + caramel
Black: Coffee with dark choclate

Hope you luv it!

Premium Order- Snickers Macaron

Wowweeeeee!! many demand on these Snickers Macaron! This so call premium pack! I quote for min  order of 6 pcs of snickers macaron and the size is ~6cm diameter: RM36 per box!!.  Hope my web wish will complete soon so all of these can be classified under menu of product.. check it out soon!

BIG Thank You and Get Well Soon Macarons

Thank you Abg Shamsul! for these 2 orders and the trust. Next time jgn oda last menet na :D nie lah result last minutes, luckily he is happy with result.  'Thank You' macarons to be given to secretary... so keep that simple and choose 2 color ONLY. 

Thank you mac: 
Big black- snickers mac flavor
White: Choclate
Small black: Peanut butter and caramel

Get Well Soon: 
Orange: Choclate Orange
Grey: Coffee with dark choc
Blue with poppy seed: Blueberry 
White- Choclate and caramel
Yellow: Lemon
Pink: Rasberry
Purple: Blackcurrent 

Get well soon!!! 

Sunday, 19 February 2012

My first Mac Tower! -Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Syafiqah! Your mom gift to you as a surprise 'cake' for 15th birthday. As requested, no pink color to macaron and her fav color is BLUE. Berry macaron this time using blueberry. YIPPIE!

At the same day, preparing my doter birthday 'small party' for family.... phew!!! tired! by the time at 10:00pm ZzzzzZZzzzzZZzzz

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Snickers Macaron- Wedding Gift

Co-incident I created the macaron taste like Snickers! No intention but hubby asking 'Are you put Snickers choclate??' Initially i a bit surprise and said 'no no!!' He said taste so good *kembang setaman la- hahahah* 

The shell was blend with Caramel and the filling is Peanut butter, Choclate Ganache and Caramel- I think because of this combination tasted like Snickers. 

Yaya requested macaron for Wedding Gift for the other half- black and white theme wedding and because of she saw my Tiffany Macaron :D so... decided to do something different for her ;) Design on top was inspire by masquerade mask- bought from Venice, Italy. The design was 'draw' using Royal Icing. 

Macaron size ~6 to 7 cm diameter, pack with bubble wrap each macaron - from Shah Alam to Kuantan! 
Congrats Yaya- Selamat Pengantin Baru semoga bahagia ke anak cucu cicit.....

Friday, 10 February 2012

3rd Berry Macaron

Another berry macaron in Feb!! Cranberries and strawberries for this macaron.... violet color was requested! hope you do luv it sis!

Orchid with this color is owesome! Especially Butterfly Orchid :D That's real flower was pick from my dining flower vase. 

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Congrats Boss!! Requested by k.hajar on behalf of abg Shamsul to his boss..... Whatever it is CONGRATS from me too. Promoted to VP? Senior VP? CEO? ;) 

Green Tea Macs

Antioxidant macaron... green tea flavour with red bean filling. Who ever luv the green tea! Should try this! - Requested by a few of frens. 

How to choose HIGH QUALITY of GREEN TEA???
You should choose the tea leaf like roll- every single tea leaf, NOT like grain. I remember it is expensive and   selling by grams. So watch out if you wanted to but good quality green tea. This was advice by one of my colloge in China. We had a biz trip and suppose to go to his (my colloge)  family Tea Plantation, unfortunately due to tight schedule of our project we can't pay a visit there. 

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Get Well S.o.o.N macarons & Berries Macaron

Haaa!!!.... k. hajar give me 2 times of heart attached requested last minutes for both  :( 

Get Weell Soon Macarons: Kak Hajar "Azah need a favor from you.. can you help to do a simple one get well soon for my fren? She been hospitalize because of miscarriage. " Alamak!! Work days!! kesian pulak... dengar citer....apa lagi! kelam kabut la buat... and hope she is getting better now. To k.hajar fren- Sis take care ye, InsyaAllah, soon there will be one for you, pray for it.

Berries Macaron- Another heart attack... :D 'Berries Macaron'- yummyliciousssss!! for her fren's birthday. Happy Birthday sis and stay young! Hope this berries macaron can stop your age at least for a day :D OR for a year-I HOPE SO :D. Shell with strawberry flavor and the filling- fulled of cranberry with white choclate + italian butter cream with strawberry. Happy Birthday sis!

Tangerine Macaron 'Cake' for Wedding Gift

Congrats to Abg Long! and thank you Kak Ani.....and sorry last minutes order I could not do a big macaron cake for wedding gift for Abg. Long's wife. Hope the ceremony was run smoothly in Perak ye....

The name of Tangerine Mancaron because Kak Ani wanted to have orange color- no matter what reason :D So.. decided to do the orange choclate flavor macaron and match with yellow macaron with filling flavored lemon white choclate. Small fondant flower deco...just to keep simple with small macaron cake...

Last not least... Selamat Pengantin Baru semoga bahagia ke anak cucu.