Saturday, 24 March 2012

Choclate Cake and Bicycle Theme Macarons

 Welcome back to my baking after a week holiday to Singapore with kids! Enjoy but tired with hot weather in Singapore coz we are staying in Sentosa! 

Mid=Midah (Diana's mom) is Aiman's fren mother for piano class.
Mid called me while I am on my way to Changi to catch flight back to Malaysia! 'Azah! I want to order macs from you with bicycle theme or what so ever BUT bicycle must be there' How lucky her hubby to have wife like Mid! I hope you and your guest like it. 

Shell Color: Filling
Green: Peanut butter filling
Blue: Blueberry filling with dried blueberry 
Black: Coffee Choclate
Orange: Orange choclate/ lemon
Choclate: Peanut butter and caramel 
Big Black: Peanut butter, choc and caramel!

Another order that she requested is 'small cake' for her niece/ nephew turn to 1 (soooo cute!!) I never sell officially cakes for past 2 years....** last 2 years do bake Moist Nutmeg cake with cream cheese frosting ;) THE ONLY CAKE I am selling last time. 
Hope you and your guest like this 3 layer of choc cake! Number '1' was made by my hubby *blink*
 Made using rich ingredients... Hershey's Cocoa Power and the Choclate Ganache was blended with Godiva Belgium Extra Dark Santo Domingo Choclate 85%- not all of them of course at least a piece was added to made Belgium choclate taste for ganache..

Argh!! I still have stomach ache... Friday- yesterday took a day off for work due to food poisoning. 12 midnight conference call ended and 2 am woke up to clinic with injection and bunch of pills to swallow. 

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Happy Birthday Macaron

This was requested by hubby's officemate. Special request with snickers macaron, 'tiffany' macaron and berries macaron... kinda odd itially how to deco with these weird combination color (especially) sorry I am too particular with color combination ;) Finally 'tadaaaa' here the result! Glad she luv it! Hope the 'lucky one' received this gift, do luv it too!

Black- Snickers macaron
Blue- Lemon and orange choclate filling
Red- Starberry white choclate, Italian cream, chewy cranberries, fresh strawberry

Sound so yummy isn't it? ;) IT IS YUMMY!

Good Luck Macaron!

Good luck macaron was requested by hubby ;) for his team mate. All the best for new career and new challenge. 

'Kalerful' special macaron

 Thank you to Abg Shamsul for the trust- as usual!