Sunday, 29 January 2012

Wedding Door Gift Sample... requested!!

Wedding Door Gift for VIPs.. sample requested! Deal!

February- Lots of LOVE: Love lollipop macaron

February- is a LOVE month for me. NOT because of Valentine ya!! It is because of wedding anniversary and my daughter birthday- 14th February! The wedding date chosen by family, during that year seem that is fall on school holiday and the day is Saturday, MAN!!! you should know how hard to get fresh flower and it is pricy!! 

Open order for LOVE LOLLIPOP!! for month of February! Email me for details quotation..... ot post here in the comment. 

Love is in the air... la la la la.. 

Enggagement Gift Macaron.....Guess What??!!

AHHA!! High taste huh?? Guess what? Tiffany! Wow weeee!!! I hope I will get one from Tiffany, ahem ahem Mr. Hubby hope you understand our anniversary coming soon dear :D This is was order by someone blogging through my site and decided to order something special for the other half. Hope you like it!! Filling with sour cream cheese ... ahhhhh..... oh ya!! the each of macaron size ~ 5 -6cm diameter.

Berries Macaron

Yum yum!!! Berries LOVER!- Just like me :D Antioxidant keep you younger, from what I read through article, at least take 1 cup of berries a day you can skip any of anti aging product. True?? Do your research... Thank you to my client order ONE 'berry macaron' juicy and less sweet every bite. The taste of juicy of rasberry, dried cranberry and less sweet Italian Strawberry Butter Cream :D The size of big macaron ~ 7 cm and the total height ~6 cm!! Enjoy ya!! Hope you love this juicy macaron! 

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

CNY gift pack

Image of stack of CNY gift pack ordered, both packaging was ordered grande and small boxes. I can't really do much or take order before CNY coz having bad flu, cough and fever.... It took me almost 3 weeks for full recovery! I am preparing a gift pack, variety of packaging... CHECK IT OUT soon!!!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Enggagement Macarons Cake

Tadaaaaaaa!! Another creation for fren... Kak Sofi thank you sooooo much! As requested by her enggagement gift for her niece tomorrow! Congrats to your niece ye! Hope she like this macarons cake to be part of 'hantaran' to the other half. Requested by Kak Sofi, she want colorful macarons with various flavor. Here the outcome, 

White: Choclate Ganache
Orange: Orange Choclate Ganache
Blue: Coffee Dark Choclate 
Yellow: Lemon Choclate Ganache
Green: White Choclate Ganache
Pink: Rasberry White Choclate 
Purple: Blackcurrent Choclate 

**Flavored shell was made- as usual... so that every bite will taste same as the filling... DELISHHHH..

Sunday, 8 January 2012

~~Classic Packaging~~

Classic Packaging was requested by one of my client for beloved hubby with special request ONLY Coffee with Dark Chocolate flavor. Special Occasion for their anniversary 6th year! such a lovely couple.... 

Special Order for S.P.E.C.I.@.L fren ;) Nice Deco macaron

Name of customer upon request ;) do not want to be mentioned here. The actual font was written on macs is CONGRATS AMIR, oh ya! AMIR font was written on big macs ~5.5cm diameter per character. All macarons was paste on top of tracing paper with the other side of soy ink printed- SAVE and environmental friendly. This special order was made to Amir since he is just completed his study in Aircraft Maintenance with flying colors- tough course OK!!! Congrats to you as well from me ;) Hope you do like it.... I made this as per describe by client base what she imagine the result gonna be. Hope you do like it.

While upload this image... listening to my 7yrs old son practicing his piono for next week test ~! I am yelling from my computer desk 'No no, wrong node! No no wrong count'. I know he can make it ;)

Monday, 2 January 2012

2012 with new vision ~~

Yippie~~ 2012 another year to grow older. Everyone was excited celebrate 2012 as usual our family gathering would be makan! Kebetualan nak celebrate birthday Anas tu yg 1st image yg tengah merenung masa depan- pandai dia kecik kecik dah ada vision ;)   Umar the chiky boy!! Eee!!! Geram!! Even bite something in his mouth, but it is not enough and looking for something for next munch!! Too tired to type or make up long story coz esok Aiman 1st day of primary school and Aqila for her 1st day pre-school. 
In this photo.. cake was made my Aunty Zatil  Sedap sesgt cake aunty Zatil, tak manis and everyone can eat! My daughter even like her fondant gnehgnehgneh...Photo taken by Uncle Zharif  it is not edited ye! klu Unlce edit lagi cantik! Macaron of coz by Aunty Azah :D Good Nite~~