Sunday, 27 May 2012

Choc moist cake with mascarpone frosting- Yaya's bday

Birthday cake for Yaya!! Weeeee..mcm Qila nyer bday cake la plak! Qila is the one requested to be ballerina on top of Yaya's bday :) Plain and yet focus to the ballerina.

This is choc moist cake layered with Choc Ganache and with mascarpone frosting + grated white choc.

Kids enjoying after ate cake... swimming pool timeeeee. Yippie!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Macaron Tower and Cake for YBIM

Tired week! Down with flu, fever and low bp :( Yet promised orders need to fullfill. My office (not bakery shop ye :) I do not have bakery shop as I am still working in MNC company), an aircond was very very cold! I ask secretary "Are we going to have snow soon in the office?? " - hahahhahha! She was an efficient secretary, since many complaint she make a proper complaint to facilities. Thank God!! After down 2 days sick I am back to office for work on Friday.

Ok above photo for YBIM event for Mother's Day at Cahaya SPK, Shah Alam U10. Since I am writing this blog want to promote YBIM organization.. it is NGO operate by volunteers, whoever want  to donate for those NEEDSsss please do so. There are monthly donation that you can do- autodebit from your account to YBIM. Yearly they will issue a receipt for INCOME TAX DEDUCTION!! as min RM10.00/ month- contact YBIM now In a way you are paying a Zakat ;) I prefer to do this.
How about you???

Macaron Tower
Pink: White Choc Ganache Rasberry + Dried Cranberries
Pink:  Choc Ganache Bluberry + Blueberry
Blue: Choc Ganache + Caramel
Blue: Choc Coffee Ganache

Choc Moist Cake (12" x 12") 
Layered with Choc Ganache, top decorated with selfmade gumpaste flower. Not perfect!!! I am really really sick with flu :( The ribbon was made by gumpaste too.. and colored with edible gold.

Last not least.... pack pack grande macaron to be ship out to Johor, Penang and Klang Valley!!! Thanks you sooooooooooooooo much for the trust! Muach!
Bye till now... no maid today and of coz i am not cooking then :)

Saturday, 19 May 2012

World Best Macaron Ever!!!- Laduree

This is world BEST MACARON awarded (fyi). Originated from Paris ye.... and i got this from Paris too :) The taste simply wallah! Let me eloborate about the macaron from Laduree.. 1st of all, for the perfect macaron-when you bite make sure the are no hollow! it must be FILLED.

OK the one bought by my fren.. a few flavour.
Choclate: This should not be missed!!
Rasberry: This should not be missed!!
Caramel: No no no from me-my taste bud maybe not as European.. a bit bitter
Lemon: ok.. not bad
There are 2 special one was introduced during this macaron was bought, marshmellow filling- white marshmellow and strawberry marshmellow. My personal opinion-THEY ARE TOOOO SWEET!

Overall, I would say their Choclate and Rasberry IS THE BEST EVER!!!!!

My 4yrs old doter commented-' Mommy, this macaron tasted like mommy always did. I did not taste the different...' (honest yet she is too small to differentiate) I am way to far dear to 'reach' this macaron :)

Anyway Thank you Su Ann! for this macarons.

Happy Mother's Day-Mommy!

My 2 little kids draw this... sooooo sweet. Cuppies bake by hubby and kids :) Shedappppp!!! a bit bitter (extra choc powder :)) Anyway luv it. I added cream cheese topping... and all the 'love' was added by Aqila :)

I luv you soooooooo much.. 

Saturday, 12 May 2012

VIP- Wedding Door Gift Macarons

Thank you Dyana!!! My SIL fren. Requested total of 100 pax of wedding favour for VIPs or special frens. Congrats Dyana...

Semoga Bahagia ke anak cucu, cicit.... n (hehehehe typical engineering student.. like to use n (inifinity))

Choc Cake and Macaron- Happy Mother's Day

This was requested by course mate back in UTM.. James. I am study Computer Engineering graduated back in 1999! Ahem ahem... but i am not that old hehhheehh young heart- alwaysssssss.

Anyway James, sorry i could not make it per request the all over cake with macaron due to overwhelming order... on Wedding Favour and other standard packaging order. Hope you have a good celeberation with your mom and wife. I saw in FB! as Malay will say ' Sejuk perut ibu mengandung'... (means how lucky your mom having such a good son- this is not direct translation.. but this is the meaning tho :) )

Ahhhh... wish i could go back to Penang and celebrate Mother's Day.... remember brought my mom at revolving restaurant in Penang for mother's day. 

Happy Mother's Day Macarons

Glad Ais and hubby like macarons made for birthday... this is another request for mother's day! Sorry Ais.. the day i want to give you.. realize there are fondant melt on top of letter 'M' but too late for me to correct it- rush to office! This is because red bean probably still not dry out yet.. but hope the taste still good! Do enjoy! and Happy Mother's Day!!