Saturday, 19 May 2012

World Best Macaron Ever!!!- Laduree

This is world BEST MACARON awarded (fyi). Originated from Paris ye.... and i got this from Paris too :) The taste simply wallah! Let me eloborate about the macaron from Laduree.. 1st of all, for the perfect macaron-when you bite make sure the are no hollow! it must be FILLED.

OK the one bought by my fren.. a few flavour.
Choclate: This should not be missed!!
Rasberry: This should not be missed!!
Caramel: No no no from me-my taste bud maybe not as European.. a bit bitter
Lemon: ok.. not bad
There are 2 special one was introduced during this macaron was bought, marshmellow filling- white marshmellow and strawberry marshmellow. My personal opinion-THEY ARE TOOOO SWEET!

Overall, I would say their Choclate and Rasberry IS THE BEST EVER!!!!!

My 4yrs old doter commented-' Mommy, this macaron tasted like mommy always did. I did not taste the different...' (honest yet she is too small to differentiate) I am way to far dear to 'reach' this macaron :)

Anyway Thank you Su Ann! for this macarons.

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