Saturday, 26 May 2012

Macaron Tower and Cake for YBIM

Tired week! Down with flu, fever and low bp :( Yet promised orders need to fullfill. My office (not bakery shop ye :) I do not have bakery shop as I am still working in MNC company), an aircond was very very cold! I ask secretary "Are we going to have snow soon in the office?? " - hahahhahha! She was an efficient secretary, since many complaint she make a proper complaint to facilities. Thank God!! After down 2 days sick I am back to office for work on Friday.

Ok above photo for YBIM event for Mother's Day at Cahaya SPK, Shah Alam U10. Since I am writing this blog want to promote YBIM organization.. it is NGO operate by volunteers, whoever want  to donate for those NEEDSsss please do so. There are monthly donation that you can do- autodebit from your account to YBIM. Yearly they will issue a receipt for INCOME TAX DEDUCTION!! as min RM10.00/ month- contact YBIM now In a way you are paying a Zakat ;) I prefer to do this.
How about you???

Macaron Tower
Pink: White Choc Ganache Rasberry + Dried Cranberries
Pink:  Choc Ganache Bluberry + Blueberry
Blue: Choc Ganache + Caramel
Blue: Choc Coffee Ganache

Choc Moist Cake (12" x 12") 
Layered with Choc Ganache, top decorated with selfmade gumpaste flower. Not perfect!!! I am really really sick with flu :( The ribbon was made by gumpaste too.. and colored with edible gold.

Last not least.... pack pack grande macaron to be ship out to Johor, Penang and Klang Valley!!! Thanks you sooooooooooooooo much for the trust! Muach!
Bye till now... no maid today and of coz i am not cooking then :)

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